How can I get into your heart?

For Guo Xiaolu

For the lovers


i just receive the book today,i love the cover.

Photo by Allin.


the cover by uk edtion.


the cover by us edtion.


Guo is a perfect writer, she always on the way to find herself.

I have knowed this special writer when I read an eglish paper, where a whole editor just for this Chinese.
Guo Xiaolu,novelist and film-maker,is a shing star.

“Every one’s like an lsland trying to get connected to the outside world.”says Guo,who has six books and night films under her belt.she belivers that wheteher humans come from the same cultrue or not doesn’t matter as much as individual differences.

I was just attracted by her. Not only for herself, but also including the theme of her books.

Communication is the theme of her best selling novel, a Chinese English Dictionary For Lovers. She’s a non-native english speaker, but she first attempt at english writing met with some critical acclaim in the engilsh I know,this book is published in uk and us have a lot of readers. Guo was nominated for uk’s orrange broadband prize for fiction,two years ago.Guo Xiaolu says: the novel is not only about english and impossible love.”

I just take some introduction from the paper:

the heroine zhuang xiaoqiao is sent to Lodon by her parents to study english and falls in love with a middle-aged man.she speaks child-like english at the beginning of the first-person narrative.guo thinks that we feel like a helpness child when expose to a totally exotic enviroment.

Zhuang tries to note down the words she learns and complies her own dictionary to record her growth. As her english progress,she finds herself drifting away from her lover. She begins to see that understanding every word of the lauguage won’t help the culture and emotional distance.

Their love between a long distance,not space,but their heart.

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No title

This book has magic.

when you read it, you will find another love.

between them,with the diffrent culture,they lose eanch other.

i'm surprise you have read this , there are not many people like reading english book just like you.


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